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Collisions between motor vehicles are by far the biggest cause of personal injuries in Texas and throughout the country. Sadly, many of those injuries could have been prevented if another party had not acted in a negligent manner. If you were seriously hurt while driving because someone else was reckless, you may have a right to pursue compensation in a civil case. 

A knowledgeable Houston car accident lawyer could provide valuable guidance to help you make the most of your claim and maximize the restitution available. From initial evidence collection to negotiations in private settlement talks or civil court hearings, your dedicated personal injury attorney could assist throughout each stage of your case.

How Negligence Can Lead to Auto Accidents

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle in Texas assumes something called a “duty of care”—essentially, an implicit responsibility to follow traffic laws and act like a reasonable person—whenever they get behind the wheel. Any reckless, careless, or intentionally malicious act which runs counter to that duty could constitute legal negligence if it results in an accident that causes a physical injury requiring professional medical attention. 

While traffic violations can and often do serve as grounds for car wreck litigation, they are not the only breach that could allow for a claim after a serious roadway incident. For instance, someone who drives while distracted by their radio or a conversation with a passenger is being careless just like someone who speeds or ignores a stop sign is, and they could bear just as much liability for a crash. A Houston car accident attorney could examine the circumstances leading up to a particular incident and help identify who might be legally at fault. 

Possible Obstacles to Comprehensive Recovery 

A person found legally responsible for causing an auto accident through their own negligence may bear financial accountability for every economic and non-economic—as well as every past and future—loss that an injured person sustains. Specific damages that car crash lawyers in Houston often factor into comprehensive claims include: 
  • Emergency medical expenses Future healthcare costs, including those for rehabilitative therapy Vehicle repair/replacement expenses Lost work wages or salary Lost future earning capacity Physical and psychological suffering Lost consortiumHowever, under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 33.012, a plaintiff found partially liable for their injuries based on their own negligence may be subject to a proportional reduction in their final damage award’s value. Additionally, TX Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 33.001 bars recovery altogether by any plaintiff found at greater fault for the incident than all defendants combined. 
  • Furthermore, TX. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.003 allows most injured parties just two years after sustaining their injuries to begin the civil litigation process, which can be a deceptively short period of time in which to construct a strong civil claim. Thus, it is essential to reach out to an experienced car wreck lawyer as soon as possible following an accident in Houston. 
Car wrecks can cause long-lasting physical injuries and even longer-lasting financial and psychological harm, often because just one person failed to act responsibly. Fortunately, financial recovery can be obtained through pursuing civil litigation, which may be vital to protecting your future prospects and best interests. 

A knowledgeable Houston car accident lawyer could provide the legal advice and support necessary to secure a successful result in your claim. Call today to schedule your initial consultation. 

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Personal injuries can change every aspect of your life. Serious physical injuries that require extensive medical care often jeopardize your ability to return to work or care for your family. If another party was responsible for the event that resulted in these losses, they have an obligation to compensate you.
A Houston County personal injury lawyer could help you collect these payments. Let an injury attorney take care of all the details involved in collecting evidence, measuring losses, dealing with insurance companies, and protecting your legal rights. Reach out today to schedule a consultation with a professional. 
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