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Suffering a personal injury is something that most of us will have to deal with at some point in our lives. However, when another party is responsible for the incident that harmed you, you may be able to recover compensation in a civil suit. 

A Laredo personal injury lawyer could help prove another person or entity’s liability in court and demonstrate how the event has impacted your life. An aggressive attorney at a skilled personal injury law firm could fight to protect your rights after an accident and work to obtain the compensation you are owed. 

Common Causes of Personal Injuries 

Personal injuries can happen at almost any time and under a variety of circumstances. Examples of situations that commonly cause injuries in Laredo include: 
Auto collisions involving cars, trucks, or motorcycles Accidents involving bicycles or pedestrians Boating accidents Slips and falls Work injuries Assaults Injuries that result from defective products or poorly maintained equipment. A motivated injury attorney in Laredo could argue the facts of the case within the framework of the law to build strong claims against individuals, companies, and other liable parties. 

Seeking Fair Compensation in Laredo Injury Claims 

Anyone who suffers harm because of another party’s failure to prevent foreseeable harm deserves full compensation for their losses. Texas civil law requires claimants in personal injury lawsuits to demonstrate how the accident has impacted their lives with evidence and in the form of a dollar amount. A well-versed injury lawyer could assess the economic and non-economic needs of the injured party and use that information to pursue damages on their behalf. 
Personal injury claims based on negligence usually seek compensation for medical bills and rehabilitative costs incurred after an accident. This can include the costs of an ambulance ride, ER treatment, hospitalization, surgery, and accommodations made to a home or vehicle.
Many injurious accidents impact a person’s life in intangible ways. For example, it is possible to demand compensation for pain, suffering, and other emotional damage resulting from physical injuries. 
Finally, many injured individuals are unable to return to work right away or indefinitely, resulting in lost income. If an accident leaves a person with physical injuries that require them to miss work, they can seek reimbursement of missed wages from liable parties. 

Medical Bills / Pain and Suffering & Emotional Trauma
/ Lost Wages 

What is the Filing Deadline for Personal Injury Lawsuits in Laredo? 

It is critical for anyone injured in an accident caused by third-party negligence to reach out to a lawyer for personal injury as soon as possible. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 generally gives claimants only two years after an injury to demand payment. A proactive injury attorney could ensure the injured party’s claim is filed within the statute of limitations. 
Contact a Laredo Personal Injury Attorney Today 
To recover losses resulting from an accident borne of negligence, you must provide extensive evidence of your injury, necessary medical care, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and other losses. When another party causes these damages, they are liable to provide full compensation. 
A Laredo personal injury lawyer could work with you to explain the relevant laws, gather evidence about the accident, measure your losses, and demand full payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits if necessary. Reach out to our injury law firm now to make an appointment. 
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